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A website should reflect your personality, company and product. We work with the term POD, Point Of Difference, to make your website stand out. We use Joomla (an advanced CMS) or WordPress as a base. We then build your template from scratch to match your personality/brand identity. We always design your website to be responsive. Responsive means that it works on different screens and devices.

Your brand identity is your customers first point of call. Your logo, the colour, font and imagery you choose support who you are as a company and how your business comes across to the world. A good brand is the most important resource you have. Let it be a reflection of who your company is, your personality and your profile.

We work to create photos that truly represent and elevate the product and your personality. We have many years of experiences in product photography. Our biggest expertise is in the furniture industry. We have also done mouthwatering photos of food and creative photos of fashion.

Personal web consulting

We are a personal media consulting company. Our aim is to coach and help companies present themselves online, to allow your customers to identify with your business personality. We work on your web presence, website and social media, to develop an achievable online plan. Each website is bespoke allowing the personality of your business to come through both in real life and online.

We have worked in many different categories, from wedding venues to the metal industry.

Even though we have had big companies, such as TOOLS Sverige, as a customer we always work very closely with our clients. We see what we do as a partnership with our clients. We don’t mass produce websites we do them for you.

Björn Welander

What you can expect from us

  • Understand what is important to your business, your strengths and abilities
  • Discuss your business needs and help you establish your online goals
  • Understand what it is you want to achieve with our cooperation
  • Help you clarify your thinking around your aims and ambitions
  • Help prioritise and plan the steps needed to achieve them
  • Identify natural strengths and successes, and building on them.
  • We help you improve and grow the company personality, moving towards your goals and ambitions, amplifying and developing the companies footprint online.


When we have established the above, we are ready to make a brand identity profile to build and design the website and create a social media strategy based on your goals.