Brand identity and graphic design

Your brand is one of your most important resources!

Brand identity

A brand identity describes your brand in colour, font, images, logo and so on. Your brand is one of your most important resources. It reflects who you are. With a graphic profile, everyone at the company will present the company in the same way. It will be easier for all parts if you have a brand identity.


Graphic design

Graphic design print 

We make logos, magazines, posters ready for print and images ready for the web.


Packaging design

Packaging design

 Labels, boxes, bags and whatever you need to be done to add value to your brand and product.


Display design

Display design, furniture design

Make your product stand out and reflect your brand even more with a stylish display. We work very closely with Welander Design, which takes care of and produces all of our custom-made furniture and interior that are tailored to the customer's brand and product.